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These are the trending footwear for women and women, from heels to loafers


Getting the perfect footwear which has both comfort and style is difficult, but important. Your choice of shoes can make or break your entire look.

Bhavya Chawla, Chief Stylist at Voonik and Surabhi Agarwal, head of merchandising, Crocs India reveal which footwears are in vogue right now:


* Flats are a must-have for casual wear. They are comfortable shoes and very versatile. They come in different colours and patterns and can be worn with jeans, capri pants, maxi dresses or any other wear. To battle the extremely hot summer, slip-ons can be a saviour. Slippers, flip-flops, slides and open-toed pairs are in trend making the summer look not only chic and stylish but also perfect fit for the season. Speaking of prints and colours, keep it light and pick hues of purple, white, peach and mint.

A white pair of sneakers is essential for men.

As for men, a white pair of sneakers is an essential wardrobe item. It can be perfectly paired with most jeans. For a summer vibe, pair your casual shoes with light blue jeans. High top trainers/sneakers are also a huge trend this season. Suede or a coloured loafer will also go very well with your casual attire.

* Every woman should have absolutely drop-dead gorgeous evening shoes. Invest in a silver high-heel sandal, elegant black evening shoes or a multitude of other styles. Peep-toes should be preferably three to four inches of heels. This shoe is for dressing up either for going on a date, dinner, or even the company party. The open toe part of the shoe makes you look more stylish. You can pair these shoes with dresses of all kinds, skirts, and high waist trousers/pants.

Loafers are known to be the laid back version of a dress shoe and are best for a cocktail party for men. These shoes are versatile and comfortable. You can wear a loafer with a tuxedo if you choose, or with a pair of khaki pants and a T-shirt.

* The classic black pumps are apt for office wear. These can be worn to the office, work and to any other occasion, one can think of. The shoe should have a heel of two to three inches depending on preference. Do not wear black with every colour. There is always a need for other neutral hues like brown, taupe, or beige. However, choose navy if you have clothing in those colour schemes. It can be a low heeled shoe that is also a closed toe. These shoes should be versatile enough to wear with trousers, slacks or even a dress.

A killer pair of heels is a must in every woman’s wardrobe.

If you are not a heel person, then bellies or ballerinas in solid colours are also a good option.

For men, oxford shoes, brogues will make your outfit seem more formal. Combine a pair of slim navy jeans (cuffed at the bottom), with your favourite pair of dress shoes. For a less formal tone, wear a pair of brown shoes. Black formal shoes will seem more formal and may appear strange when combined with jeans, match them up with trousers or chinos with a well-fitted shirt. Don’t forget to wear the appropriate pair of socks.

* When going to a beach, choosing the right pair of footwear is the vital part. You want your feet to feel comfortable and cool and it should match with your summer dress, shorts or bikini as well. Flip flops are one of the most appropriate choices but there are different styles which you can choose from. You can try out metallic flats as well.

Dark florals are in fashion to beat the summer woes. Evening outfits will work best with dark floral slip-ons and slides. Just slip in and go for beach hopping, sunset strolls or pool parties.

For men, the easiest choice is flip flops. They are comfortable and easily available and very effective for their intended purpose. Pair them up with shorts, t-shirts or tanks. Throw on an unbuttoned short sleeve shirt over the top when you walk off the sand for a more stylish look.

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