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Sonakshi Sinha reveals the diet, workout routine behind her fit bod


Sonakshi Sinha’s weight has been a talking point ever since she made her debut in Dabangg (2010) with Salman Khan. Many felt free to comment on her figure, and the fashion police criticised her choice of outfits from time to time. How does the 30-year-old deal with all this?

“I’ve always been someone who projects a very healthy and positive body image. I don’t want to project something that’s unattainable or unreal,” says Sonakshi.


Sonakshi Sinha at the Streax Professional event in Delhi.
(Sonakshi Sinha Instagram)

However, the actor has been increasingly investing herself in fitness activities – headstands, rowing, pilates, skipping outdoors and battle ropes – at the same time. Scroll through Sonakshi Sinha’s Instagram account over the last few months if you don’t believe us.

We caught up with Sonakshi, who was in town as the showstopper for a mega hair show by Streax Professional.

So who or what inspired her to become increasingly fit? What is her fitness routine and diet like? She tells us about all this and more.

What’s your daily diet like?

My diet is fairly normal. I have ghar ka khaana. I have oats with scrambled eggs for breakfast, and I have dal and a vegetable subzi with some gravy, fish or chicken for lunch. For dinner, I try to eliminate carbs. So it is a fairly basic diet that’s easy to follow. It’s doable, because I need something that is doable!

What about eating out?

I eat out once in a while, but not every second day. It’s okay to eat out once in a while.

Do have any cheat days?

I don’t have a particular cheat day because I can’t follow a dictat. If I feel like eating or having something, I have it. You need to be happy while you’re dieting. If you’re eating healthy, like four or five days a week, eating one meal that’s not part of your diet is fine.

What does your fitness routine consist of?

I’ve recently started doing pilates, which has really helped me. I really enjoy it as well. And cardio. So a combination of pilates and cardio.

Are there any body parts you prefer working out more than others?

No, I feel one should do it in totality. Spot reduction is a very big myth. Certain body parts obviously take longer to reduce and tone compared to others, but you need to work on your entire body.

Did working with John Abraham for Force 2 (2016) dramatically change your diet and workout routine, considering that he is such a fitness freak?

He is, but then, that also goes for all my other co-stars like Akshay, Salman and Ranveer. Everybody I have worked with is into fitness, and they’ve all inspired me in one way or another. But yes, I really flipped the switch when I was working on Force 2 with John. That kind of discipline is unheard of. He ate one meal for each of those 50 days.

He used to eat one particular thing for lunch and dinner for the entire duration of the movie. John would actually steal food – like, if I was taking a bite, he would take it out of my hand and give me gyaan on how ‘that particular food can kill you and you can’t eat it’. So he’s really somebody who changed my way of thinking.

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